Since 2018 Earth Safari has partnered with the Kasan Conservation Company Ltd, registered in the Gambia, to develop and manage the Kasan Wildlife Reserve and Koba Lodge Project.
This project has been redubbed Kasan Conservation Project and it is an exciting large scale rewilding endeavour to restore a nature area back to health, including bringing back the big five.

The Government of the Gambia has signed all necessary ownership papers, contracts, agreements and permissions, and is willing to co-invest in the restoration part of the project. It also has the full approval and support of the local communities and tribal elders.

The project consists of the creation of a first class, and ecologically viable, wildlife reserve, and the creation of a tented safari lodge. The lodge will make the project economically sustainable while also supporting local communities.

Project Mission

West African mammal species are under severe threat of local and widespread extinction throughout their range. Most large species of mammals have been absent from the Gambia for several decades if not a century.
The Kasan Conservation Project area will provide a secure location for West African mammals to reside and breed without the threat of poaching or habitat destruction. The animals will be procured with the help of the Gambian Government’s Ministry of Forestry and Environment through partner countries and organisations. Efforts will be made to develop a breeding program and use our partnership to place excess animals in other parks within the Gambia and reserves throughout West Africa, thus ensuring a source of individuals for future protected areas.

Animal species already present include: hippo, chimpanzee, warthogs, western baboon, green vervet and red colobus monkeys, aardvark, serval cat, genet, cape clawless otter, west african manatee, nile crocodile, bushbuck, maxwell’s and grimms duiker and sitatunga.

Animal species which will be released in the first phase: west african savanna buffalo, western hartebeest, bush buck, bohor reedbuck, sitatunga, kob antelope, water buck, roan antelope and bush duiker.

Animal species which will be released in the second phase: elephant, black rhinoceros, leopard and west african giraffe.

Project Site

The Kasan Rewilding Project area spans the Njassang and Kaolong Forest Parks as well as part of the River Gambia National Park. The total area of 8100 hectares will be fenced to control movement of the animals and protect them from poaching.
In de future, we hope to expand either in surrounding areas in the Gambia, or towards the Foret de Pata in Senegal.

The project will fence in rice fields to protect the agricultural area from the hippos occurring naturally within the River Gambia National Park. This fence will not impact the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project (CRP).
In fact the Kasan Rewilding Project will complement the CRP’s efforts in environmental protection, education, and ecotourism.
A biological survey has been performed. A 50 year lease and MOU for the area has been secured and is expected to ensure investor commitment.

Tented Safari Lodge

The Koba Lodge initially constitutes 15 luxury safari tents capable of accommodating 30 persons per night. This limited availability will provide guests an intimate experience with the wildlife and the surrounding environment.
The lodge area is situated on the highest point in the Gambia. A plateau overlooking the river, River Gambia National Park and the wildlife reserve area.
The Koba Lodge dining experience will also provide some of the best foods in the Gambia, in one of the most beautiful locations. Ecotourism activities available from the lodge include boat trips, possibly linking with the CRP, jeep safaris provided by Koba Lodge, river fishing, and cultural tourism.
Wildlife will be our main attraction but the area will also draw birders. During the initial stages of the project observation platforms and towers will be developed.