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    How it works

    To request a customized tour, please tell us what you want by choosing the correct options in the Form.

    In the last textbox you can give us details, such as;

    • How long you wish to stay for, if not already specified
    • Any “must see” places that you already know you wish to visit,
    • Any special interests that should be included,
    • What sort of pace of travel you wish? For example, Do you want to travel at a more relaxed tempo with several 2-3 night stopovers in a few locations, Or are you keen to travel more and see a larger area?,
    • Is there a special book or movie that has captured your imagination?,
    • Are there any special experiences that you would hope to have?


    How we proceed

    We take the information that you provide and create an initial Tour proposal. We can then discuss further customization of the itinerary to your wishes.
    When we have a Tour proposal that you are happy with, we ask for your payment. Once we receive your payment we will start preparing your personalized Tour.
    The completed Customized Tour Itinerary will then be emailed to you as a .pdf file, together with the respective tickets and vouchers.