The Lion Foundation is our partner in Senegal.
The Foundation has hands-on scientifically guided experience with rewilding large cat species, after having rescued them from circuses and zoos.
They are going to finance and build facilities and an enclosure in Senegal to breed and rewild the critically endangered West African lion.

The Lion Foundation has big plans for the future of felines in the rescue facility situated in the Netherlands.
All rescued animals living at the rescue facility at the Hoenderdaell Estate deserve a future in the (semi) wild. In order to facilitate this, the Lion Foundation works together with partners in Africa, to create big fenced parks where the big cats can be transferred to after their time at the rescue centre.

The first step is to train the animals at the rescue facility to hunt again. This is done using a special device in a custom made enclosure, both designed and build by the Foundation.
The second step is to bring them to a large area in a reserve in Africa, such as in South Africa, or in the Gambia.
After a transitional period at the reserve, pure bred animals, and in particular their offspring, will be able to live in a true natural environment. Animals that for whatever reason would have been written off, will have a future in the wild.

This model is now being replicated in Thailand and Russia regarding tigers.

Many of the rescued animals were born in captivity or taken out of the wild as a cub. They have never enjoyed the freedom of the wild. The Lion Foundation aims to bring the cats home.

Achieving this involves high costs. That’s why we ask you to support us. Help to provide a home for the feline predators in their natural habitat. If we don’t act now, there’s a chance that our children will not be able to go to the African savannah and hear a lion roar.

You can support the Lion Foundation by either donating a monthly amount to support the foundation, or you can make a single donation.

Whatever you choose, you choose to support the animals… and give them a future!