At Earth Safari we are committed to conservation to make this world a better place for people, for animals and for our children.
Under the banner of Putting the life back in wildlife we have chosen a few projects we want to help financially.
Earth Travels is also directly involved in projects as an active stakeholder.

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Wildlife Action Group Malawi – WAG – Conservation in Malawi

In the centre of Malawi are two Forest Reserves, Thuma and Dedza-Salima. Together they span no less than 70,000 hectares.
Animals were threatened by heavy poaching and elephants even avoided the area until the Wildlife Action Group Malawi stepped in and took over management of the area.
The area is now populated again by elephants, buffalo, antelope species, leopards, hyenas, baboons, monkeys and a variety of birds.
Reintroduction of zebra, eland antelope, sable antelope and waterbuck is underway.
Please support the important work of WAG Malawi.

Lion Foundation

The Lion Foundation is our partner in the Kasan Conservation project. The Foundation has hands-on scientifically guided experience with rewilding large cat species, after having rescued them from circuses and zoos.
They are going to finance and build facilities and an enclosure in Senegal to breed and rewild the critically endangered West African lion.