2 Day Kiang West & Bao Bolong
Max. € 150.00 / £ 130.00

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Kiang West National Park
Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve


€ 150.00
£ 130.00

Price for one person.
Discount from 2 pax onwards




    This 2 day tour will bring you to the biggest nature reserves in the Gambia; Kiang West National Park and Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve.
    The tour will be packed with the best wildlife and birding opportunities that Gambia has to offer.

    Day 1

    You will be picked up from you hotel early in the morning for your transfer to Tendaba Camp. This is the lodge where you will spend the night. It is a community owned lodge and camp and all benefits go directly to the locals.
    The lodge and dining facilities are all situated on the Gambia River.
    After you have settled in, we will get in the jeep again and head for Kiang West National Park.
    The Park is the largest national park in the Gambia and one of the most important wildlife reserves. Baboons, warthogs and a plethora of birds are regularly spotted. Antelope species, such as the Sitatunga, and hyena, are present but are difficult to find.
    After this small safari experience you will head back to Tendaba Camp.
    Enjoy a hearty meal and afterwards there is a big chance that the locals will throw a traditional party with drumming and singing.
    Earth Travels Gambia Kiang West Bao Bolong Tendaba Crocodile

    Day 2

    The next day will start with a breakfast. We will get into the boat and cross the Gambia River to the immense Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve. This is a huge reserve consisting of creeks, tidal flats and savanna style landscapes. Wild mango trees and the highest mangrove trees make up the bulk of the vegetation. You will see a lot of birds and perhaps crocodiles, clawless otter and manatee.
    After a few hours of relaxing and searching for animals, you will return to Tendaba Camp.
    In the afternoon we will head back to your hotel on the coast.
    Earth Travels Gambia Kiang West Bao Bolong Tendaba Vulture


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